ThePixieStudio offer a huge range of treats from cakes, desserts, tarts & biscuits to entire full course menus. We can cater for almost any occasion you are planning.

Pixie Bisciteer

cookies & biscuits

Pixie Chef

food & savoury

Pixie Caketeer

cakes & cupcakes

Pixie Candy Chef

sweets & desserts

Pixie Pastry Chef

pastries & tarts

Pixie Pickler

pickles & achaars

We are proud to bring you the first in PE to offer this elaborate course planner. With enough time ahead you can have us arrange your wedding cake, complete course, desserts and wedding favours. Check out some of our most popular wedding courses by visiting the food section of our website.

Place an online order for your cake. Specifications are easy to go through and if you require any further details, we'll whip up a cake of your dreams. If your order is big enough, you'll get a free delivery right to the venue.
Choose special cake flavors, frostings, sizes and more to get a quote for your cake. To see how much your cake will cost before ordering, just select the options and our online calculator will give you an accurate estimate of what it can cost you. The only cost discrepencies to incur would be if you require much more elaborate details.
Courses Offered. If you love the idea of baking and decorating cakes from scratch, these courses are just for you. We offer full-year courses as well as crash-courses, either way these lessons will get you up and running creating your own special cakes!